Hire a kilted Tech in Red Deer

Posted on July 30, 2020

Hire a kilted cleaner to take care of gutters, windows and more. Just remember… no peeking!

Property managers have a lot to handle, from attracting new tenants to daily building maintenance. Believe it or not, the best help in Red Deer is a guy in a kilt.

“A lot of customers think we only wash windows,” says Barkley Carrier, co-owner of Men in Kilts Red Deer. “But we offer a wide range of services and it all works to improve your property values. First impressions count, and curb appeal goes a long way to attracting tenants and consumers.”

Get your windows sparkling inside and out, and even have the Men in Kilts clean tracking and screens. Clear gutters of debris and let the Men in Kilts take care of any curious critter nests along the way. Let these trained professionals hand wash your building’s exterior with environmentally friendly products, and power wash decks, cement and brick surfaces without disturbing your landscaping.

“We always want to leave a property looking better than we found it, and try to do a little extra here or there so our customers get real value for their investment,” Carrier says.

Meet with the Men in Kilts to set up your initial services, then put your maintenance on auto-pilot with return visits on a set schedule and price.

How does Autopilot work?

  1. Meet with Men in Kilts to discuss your service needs and budget. You’ll receive a quote within 72 business hours. “We’ll start by offering clients the total package, but if there’s a price concern we’re happy to work with you,” Carrier says.
  2. Set a schedule for recurring services. Have your windows and gutters cleaned every six months? Sign up now for snow clearing in the winter, and walkway power washing and house washing every spring? You decide the frequency.
  3. Receive a service reminder three weeks before your Men in Kilts visit. “There’s no obligation to continue with the service. If the date and time works, just click confirm. If not, click reschedule,” Carrier says. “It doesn’t always work with clients’ budgets when the time comes, and we’ll work with them to align our services with their budget and a convenient time to get the work done.”
  4. Men in Kilts completes the service, backed by the Kilt Clean Guarantee, and provides a verbal report of the services provided and the general condition of the building. “If we notice any issues when we’re up cleaning gutters — if there’s caulking that’s old and needs repairs, for example — we’ll let the client know. We’re happy to help with minor repairs.”
  5. Relax and wait for your next regularly scheduled service.

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